1 S/R to Tender for execution of work Consolidation of rubble structure around Golerao group of temple at Kumbhalgarh Fort Distt. Rajsmand (RAJASTHAN) 19-06-2018
2 S/R to Providing and fixing the signages at access point on highway/road and temple complex, CNB, Benches and Dustbin at Adarsh Monument Arthuna Distt Banswara 19-06-2018
3 Data Entry Operators (DEO)-12 07-07-2017
4 Parking at Chittaurgarh Fort, Distt. Chittaurgarh 29-03-2017
5 Parking at Kumbhalgarh Fort, Distt. Rajsamand 29-03-2017
6 A/R to Fallen Wall Ratan Singh Palace at Chittaurgarh Fort, Distt. Chittaurgarh. 08-03-2017
7 Restoration of Rubble Pathway near Suraj Pole (Phase-I) at Chittaurgarh Fort, Distt. Chittaurgarh. 10-03-2017
8 A/R to Ancient Site & Remains at Nagri, Distt. Chittaurgarh. 07-03-2017
9 A/R to Ghat with inscription, Pavilion and Toran at Nov Chowki at Rajsamand 22-02-2017
10 S/R to laying of pathway from Jain Temple no.9 to Mamadev Kund and Mamadev Kund to Pitlya Shah Temple at Kumbhalgarh Fort, Distt. Rajsamand. 16-12-2016
11 S/R to Hawa Mahal at Veerpura, Distt. Udaipur- Experimental fine line plastering and restoration of Window and doors. 14-12-2016
12 A/R to Kumbhalgarh Fort as whole, Distt. Rajsamand. 12-09-2016
13 SR to Adhai Din Ka Jhopra at Ajmer Distt Ajmer 09-12-2016
14 O.W (P) Conservation of Retaining wall at Su ... ffice Jaisalmer, Distt. Jaisalmer (Raj.) 12-02-2016
15 S/R to Conservation of Dilapidated portion of Pitching wall near police chowki at Jaisalmer, Distt. Jaisalmer (Rajasthan) 19-09-2016